Abarth Museum

Since the 1970s, Guy Moerenhout has been collecting and restoring cars that are in one way or another linked to the memorable car manufacturer Carlo Abarth. The hobby grew into the Abarth Works Museum, whose collection today numbers more than three hundred special cars.

Because the collection is still growing and the existing building is bursting at the seams, AIDarchitecten was given the unique opportunity to design a new museum.

A walk through eleven plateaus around a central void leads the visitor through many years of car history. While the old cars are bathed in natural light through the use of a translucent facade, strategically placed bay windows in clear glass arouse the curiosity of passers-by. In addition to the exhibition, space is also being made for a library with an enormous book collection and a museum cafĂ©.  

Public / Commercial

Locatie: Lier

Jaar: 2021-heden

visualisaties: InFunctieVan en AIDarchitecten

i.s.m. Hilde Smet