House B V

When designing this family home, the rural character of the area was respected and the existing parts of the old country house on the plot were partially integrated. 

 A special challange was to work with age-old local building materials to create a contemporary house: a thatched roof, black-stained wooden planks, bricks,...

The natural materials, which are also recycled in the building process, commemorate a fascinating contemporary 

architecture, with a nod to the past, yet stylized and full of character. 

The staggered volumes in the floor plan not only create intimate interior spaces, but also give the outdoor spaces a sense of intimacy with a secluded entrance patio, a nice seating area and phased views of different landscapes. For the windows, fine steel profiles were used.


Location: ‘s-Gravenwezel

Year: 2015 - 2016

Photography: LucidLucid / Annick Vernimmen

i.c.w. Y. Verhulst