This Public Private Collaboration project gives ambition to the village center in a quality manner. In the first place the focus was put on public supplies serving the community life, by extending and renewing the community center ‘De Notelaar’, the establishment of a new library with meeting rooms for associations, some commercial spaces, a new childcare center and a youth complex housing diverse youth associations. This entirety is surrounded by squares, parks, lanes and one big open space.

Secondly, houses were designed for diverse family compositions (social housing, affordable housing, small and big apartments, group practice of doctors, apartments for less mobile people,..). Much attention was put to the accessibility and permeability of the entire site and the merging of the whole merges in its surroundings. Also the existing neighboring buildings, such as the old school building and park garden, are integrated in this project. It becomes a place where both young and senior and everyone in between can move freely and finds itself at home in a community life.


i.c.w. | Stramien cvba | Jef Van Oevelen bvba 

collectief / Commercial / Public

Location: Malle

Year: 2010

Photography: LucidLucid / Emma Van Zundert / Zeger Dox

i.c.w. Stramien cvba & Jef Van Oevelen bvba