Residential Site Westmalle

This development tries to give a suited answer to the increasing house demand, whilst respecting the wish to preserve the outside landscape. Much space in building blocks nowadays is lost or not utilized optimally. By upgrading and using this center area of the town effectively Malle can densify by increasing its effective core building area. The leading motive is a respectful densification of the inner city, bearing existing qualities in mind while trying to exploit and develop these.  

The building blocks are put with big precision in order to lose as little as possible existing green character and to harm existing vegetation the least possible. The meandering road is also determined from this principle. The stream forms the binding factor in this plan. The entirety brings a densification of the building block of Malle, with a park like character and the inner building bloc serving as an outdoor space for everybody.   


Location: Westmalle

Year: 2014